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Purchase Price of Home: (dollars)
Down Payment (default is 3.5% of purchase price): $
Mortgage Interest Rate: %
Length of Mortgage: years
Property Tax: 4103.544

Property tax for CPAH homes is estimated to be ((sale price*3333) - $6000) *0.076

Condo/Monthly Fee(s): (dollars)
CPAH Ground Lease (dollars)
Homeowner's Insurance: (dollars)

This mortgage calculator can be used to figure out estimated monthly housing payments. Estimated payments take into consideration principal, interest, property taxes, homeowner's insurance and the nominal monthly ground lease fee of $25. Your monthly housing payment should be no more than 33% of your total gross household income. Your monthly payment may be lower if you earn less than 80% of the area median income and qualify for first-time homebuyer assistance.

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Mortgage Calculator


Nusrat's Story

Please read my story to see how CPAH gave me a stable foundation and fresh start, though it was a series of sad circumstances that brought me to CPAH.

It started with unexpected job related setbacks after 20 years working in architecture. We were struggling, and sold our house to help make ends meet. We were just getting by, barely able to afford the rent for our apartment, when my husband passed away from a brain tumor. In addition to the sadness, with no life insurance, I had to face the reality of supporting myself. I found a full-time job but quickly learned that living on just my limited income would be extremely challenging.

Then tragedy struck again. One month before her wedding, my older daughter suddenly passed away from a blood clot in her lung. The grief was paralyzing. To make matters worse, my apartment was too expensive, too big and was filled with painful memories. But where could I afford to go?

When I learned I could afford to buy a two bedroom CPAH home, near my surviving daughter, my job and the place where my loved ones are put to rest, I could not believe it. My home is a secure, affordable foundation on which to build. The grief remains, but I no longer feel as if I am floating, but now feel anchored. CPAH and my small, cozy, affordable home changed my life.

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