Getting Your House In Order

Getting Your House In Order

A five week, culturally-specific financial education program for African Americans.


Course Highlights

This 5 week culturally-specific financial education course takes into consideration African Americans’ shared history, culture, beliefs and behaviors around money management.

  • Week 1 — Real Talk: Money
    • Explore the historic relationship between African Americans and money
    • Identify how cultural, family and personal financial values affect financial behaviors
  • Week 2 — Money Management
    • Explore resources and money management methods that have been historically effective in the African American community and how these methods do or do not fit into the “traditional “ financial systems
    • Distinguish needs from wants and work within existing resources
  • Week 3 — Saving and Investing
    • Understand the concepts and experiences with saving and investing from a historical, cultural and personal perspective
    • Understand the principles of investing including risks and returns
  • Week 4 — Understanding and Using Credit
    • Understand the costs, advantages & disadvantages of using credit
    • Understand credit reports, credit scoring, and how leaders evaluate risk
  • Week 5 — Protecting Yourself and Your Assets
    • How to better protect yourself from identity theft and financial fraud
    • Understand the role and importance of insurance in managing risk


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